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Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library

Located in Lawrence, Kansas the mission of Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library is to organize as a non-hierarchical collective for the purpose of sharing and distributing information.

The collection is compiled of Zines (personal, non-copy written, non-traditionally peer reviewed articles, journals, and art) that were specifically purchased, donated, traded, or created for the Solidarity! Collection.

These works cover every topic from Globalization and the Industrial Prison Complex to first kisses.

If you have created a zine that you would like to see included in the Solidarity! Collection please email us at or send a hard copy to:

Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library
ECM, 1204 Oread-Upstairs
Lawrence, KS 66044
Solidarity! Zine Library
Cosmic Beauty School
1145 Pennsylvania St
Lawrence, KS 66044

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Additional Collections

Language Arts & Writing 201
Art 115
Poetry 91
Social Movement Theory 73
Environment 71
Political Science 62
Anarchism 60
Music 56
DIY 54
anarchism 44
Prison 38
Health 37
Kansas 30
War & Militarism 29
Radical Education 28
Philosophy 27
prison 27
Globalization 21
U.S. History 20
Women's Studies 20
Biography 19
World History 19
environment 18
Labor/Class 17
Lawrence 17
Community Building 15
Sexuality 15
agriculture 14
Eurasia 12
Gender Studies 12
Woman's Studies 12
Agriculture 11
Animal Rights 11
Missouri 11
Reference 11
anarchist 11
Environmental 10
direct action 10
indigenous 10
Indigenous 9
Parenting 9
history 9
Communism 8
General Race Studies 8
Latin America 8
capitalism 8
Africa 7
Queer 7
new afrikan/black 7
theory 7
Fiction 6
Middle East 6
New Afrikan/Black 6
Socialism 6
class 6
labor 6
race 6
Children 5
Men's Studies 5
Richmond 5
Texas 5
Virginia 5
activism 5
education 5
military 5
organizing 5
philosophy 5
politics 5
revolution 5
sexuality 5
Anarchist Black Cross 4
Austin 4
Nebraska 4
New Mexico 4
Spanish 4
animal rights 4
black 4
globalization 4
punk 4
vegan 4
women 4
African-American 3
Black Panther Party 3
Immigration 3
Radical Science 3
Spirituality/Religion 3
anarcho-primitivism 3
animal liberation 3
anti-capitalist 3
art 3
cartoon 3
collective 3
economics 3
energy 3
gardening 3
healing 3
industrialism 3
international 3
journal 3
permaculture 3
poetry 3
political prisoners 3
primitivism 3
protest 3
racism 3
social justice 3
work 3
youth 3
youth movement 3
Afrikan 2
Asia 2
EF! 2
Great Plains 2
Greece 2
Herbs 2
Journal 2
M.O.V.E. 2
Media 2
Racism 2
Revolution 2
Wichita 2
Zapatista 2
activist 2
affirmative action 2
anarcho-syndicalism 2
anarquismo 2
anti-corporate 2
anti-recruitment 2
arms 2
black liberation army 2
black panther 2
border 2
children 2
civil rights 2
civilization 2
class war 2
construction 2
consumerism 2
critique 2
democracy 2
elections 2
farming 2
fossil fuels 2
freedom 2
futurism 2
government 2
health 2
immigration 2
industry 2
kansas 2
libertarian 2
militancy 2
move 2
nuclear 2
nutrition 2
oppression 2
pacifism 2
peace 2
philadelphia 2
police 2
practical theory 2
prisoners of war 2
queer 2
state 2
substances 2
technology 2
terrorism 2
violence 2
world history 2
Action 1
Aging 1
Anarchist 1
Anarchist black cross 1
Anarchists 1
Ansarchism 1
Anti-Semitism 1
Appalachia 1
Arms 1
Bakunin 1
Black 1
Black Liberation Army 1
Black Panthers 1
California 1
Capitalism 1
Chicago 1
China 1
Class 1
Class war 1
Cointrelpro 1
Congress 1
Corporation 1
Critical Race Theory 1
Detroit. 1
Date Published
* Introduction * The Psychology of Modern Leftism * Feelings of Inferiority * Oversocialization * The Power Process * Surrogate Activities * Autonomy * Sources of Social Problems * Disruption of the Power Process in Modern Society * How Some People Adjust * The Motives of Scientists * The Nature of Freedom * Some Principles of History * Industrial- Technological Society ...
Topics: theory, history, politics
Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of langscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way. Without permanent agriculture there is no possibility of a stable social order.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Agriculture, Environment, DIY
The Culmination of Separation The Commodity as Spectacle Unity and Division Within Appearance The Proletariat as Subject and Representation Time and History Territorial Domination Negation and Consumption Within Culture Ideology Materialized
Topics: Social Movement Theory, Political Science, Philosophy
Originally written in 1969 by Carlos Marighella, one of the leaders of the Brazilian guerrilla organization National Liberation Action (ALN), the Mini-Manual Of The Urban Guerrilla is probably one of the most famous documents to come out of the guerrilla struggles in Latin America. Widely reprinted and translated into numerous languages it because a guide for many guerrilla movements around the globe. With the massive technological changes that have reshaped the world, many parts of the...
Topics: Latin America, War & Militarism
Stories of wimmin's blood & rites of passage
Topics: Women's Studies, Health
Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library
by Industrial Workers of the World
Songs to fan the flames of discontent. Industrial Workers of the World
Topics: Labor/Class, Music
Walter Rodney was banned from re-entering Jamaica on October 15, 1968, after attending a Black Writers Conference in Montreal, Canada. As a consequence, his post as lecturer in History at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus was revoked.
Topics: New Afrikan/Black, World History, General Race Studies
Martin Luther King, Jr. was a theologian and preacher of the black church. No one can understand his theology apart from the history of the black religious experience. This is not to deny other important influences in his thinking; but because most of King's interpreters ignored or belittled the place of the black church in his intellectual development, it is necessary to establish the claim that the faith of the black church was the most important source of Kin's theology?
Topics: american history, theology
Work School The Environment The Media Afterword
Topics: cartoon, education, environment, media, labor, work
Herbal Abortion Handbook
Topics: Woman's Studies, Health
Presenting here are Professor Angela Davis' initial lectures for "Recurring Philosophical Themes in Black Literature," her first course at UCLA, taught during the Fall Quarter of 1969. At the time she was beginning a two-year appointment as Acting Assistant Professor in Philosophy, an appointment duly recommended by the Department of Philosophy and enthusiastically approved by the UCLA Administration. The first of the two lectures was delivered in Royce Hall to an audience of over...
Topics: Black Panther Party, University of California, oppression, philosophy
In October of 1994, I traveled to Japan with a team working on a book about the leading methods of sustainable agriculture found around the world.
Topics: agriculture, environment
This guide is not really about 'noble' sabotage-for example people clamping themselves to diggers on road projects. It's about taking action against the everyday destruction of the environment-it's about afforestation (of open areas), deforestation (of natural woodlands), polluting industries, and the ceaseless growth of urbanised areas while inner cities are left derelict. Specifically, it's about sabotaging machinery, and getting away with it.
Topics: DIY, Environment, Reference
Tools from stone (basic flintknapping at its simplest), bone, antler, wood, shell --natural tools made naturally-- how to use them -- a bow is made from start to finish using only the tools made in this book. Profusely illustrated with photographs. This really does work!!! Ninth in a series.
Topics: DIY, primitivism
A critical look at Deep Ecology/Biocentrism. The points I take on here, and their broader implications, have been of central importance to many of the great disputes and inconsistencies within what can loosely be called the 'radical ecology movement'.
Topics: deep ecology, biocentrism, critique
Herbal guide for pregnancy
Topics: Health, Women's Studies, Parenting
After the great response to the original Final Nail and the Supplement, it is with much pleasure that we bring you The Final Nail #2. Things over the last year have picked up and taken off. It's been great to see fur farms across the US and even Canada getting raided, fur stores getting smashed up every week - fur stores have even been burned to the ground. We've reprinted the best of both publications and taken the time to update the details in them. We've added listings for dozens of new fur...
Topic: ALF
A guide to living off natures bounty in urban, rural and wilderness areas.
Topics: Environment, DIY
Understand the disease of addiction Understand the effects of addiction on the family Recognize how family and friends enable the addicted person Develop a plan of action for changing your behaviors regarding the addicted person Learn "Tough Love" strategies for dealing with the addictive behavior
Topics: codependency, community development, mental health, counseling
It's art & writing
Topics: Language Arts & Writing, Poetry
A Primer
Topics: Middle East, Political Science
Some will read "queer" as synonymous with "gay and lesbian" or "LGBT". This reading falls short. While those who would fit within the constructions of "L", "G", "B" or "T" could fall within the discursive limits of queer, queer is not a stable area to inhabit.
Topic: Queer
Free trip to europe, instant beer pleasure, crime week, turd attacks, descendents, maps, the dalai lama, bikes on trains,
Topic: Language Arts & Writing
Do It Yourself Gynecology. Herbal Remedies
Topics: Woman's Studies, Health, DIY
Considered in its economic, political, psychological, sexual, and particularly intellectual aspects with a modest proposal for its remedy.
Topic: Radical Education
Anarchism and the struggle for the emancipation of women
Topics: Women's Studies, Anarchism, Eurasia
Two important political organisations in the history of the amaerican white left. It points out their contributions while not glossing over their mistakes and weaknesses. SDS grew to become a large white radical student movement against the Vietnam war in the sixties, while the WUO, a splinter group of SDS, tried to move "from protest to resistance" by carrying out clandestine actions against U.S. imperialism from 1970-1976.
Topics: Social Movement Theory, Radical Education
making stencils
Topics: Art, DIY
Stories & strategies of survival
Topics: Women's Studies, DIY, Health
Transformation of the Inner City Environment
Topics: Environment, Urban Studies, Agriculture
Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library
by Auntie ALF, Uncle ELF and the Anti-Copyright gang
Your guide to putting the heat on animal abusers everywhere.
Topics: incendiary devices, animal liberation
Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library
by Henry Hamption and Steve Fayer
An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement from the 1950s through the 1980s
Topics: civil rights, oral history
The 8th Annual Artists Against Aids Program 2000
Topics: Health, Sexuality
Contents 1. Introduction 2. TOOLS OF THE TRADE 2.1 What do you need tools for? 2.2 How to organise your tools 2.3 The basic toolkit 2.3.1 Cutters 2.3.2 Spanners/wrenches & pliers 2.3.3 Screw drivers 2.3.4 Drills 2.3.5 Saws 2.3.6 Chisels 2.3 7 Hammers/bars 2.3.8 Specialised tools - jacks, taps, staple-guns etc 2.3.9 Glue/abrasives, paints and chemicals 2.4 Ropes and ladders 2.5 Preparing/storing your tools 2.6 Health and Safety 3. PLANNING A HIT 3.1 Coordination v. mindless vandalism
Topics: environment, direct action
A Reader Compiled for the DIY Skillshare
Topics: Agriculture, Environment, DIY
1855-1859. Born in 1800 in Torrington, Connecticut; raised in the Western Reserve of Ohio; late of North Elba, New York, John Brown came to Kansas, a father of twenty, a devout Calvinist and a militant abolitionist.
Topics: Kansas, War & Militarism
Analyzing youth-development in a changing world
Topics: Radical Education, Parenting
Zine Review
Topic: Language Arts & Writing
Micropower Broadcasting-A Technical Primer; FM Broadcst kits & accessories
Topic: DIY
Lysander Spooner (1808-1887) was a Massachusetts lawyer noted for his vigorous and brilliant opposition to the encroachment of the State upon the liberty of the individual. His writings on the unconstitutionality of slavery influenced pre-Civil War thought. His challenge to the postal monopoly (he set up a thriving private post) resulted in an ACt of Congress sharply reducing postage rates.
Topic: anarchism
The history of human thought recalls the swinging of a pendulum which takes centuries to swing. After a long period of slumber comes a moment of awakening. Then thought frees herself from the chains with which those interested-rulers, lawyers, clerics-have carefully enwound her.
Topics: anarchism, history, theory.
This book is intended to go some way towards evening the balance between us and the police. It is not an in-depth study, more a commonsense guide to looking after yourself. The police try to get us to believe that they are all-powerful and all-knowing. Cobblers! If we use our heads we can run rings around them. I hope that you find this information useful, and that there is something new in it for you. If you think more things could be included, or said better, feel free to produce a version of...
Topics: DIY, Reference, Radical Science, Radical Education
Rob Hartan is a general and solar contractor with 25 years of experience with solar water heating systems in Mendocino County, California. Rob primarily designs and installs photovoltaic systems today.
Topics: California, DIY, Water Heating
Armed with two cell phones, fueled by rage and caffeine, Aaron Patterson strives to make a difference.
Topic: Prison
I had 38 orgasms between July 2nd and August 24th. I wrote about every one of them.
Topics: orgasm, sexuality
First installment: basic stick fighting
Topics: Health, DIY
Coloring Book
( 2 reviews )
Topics: DIY, Children, Parenting, Art
A contemporary has said: "if the truth were in my hands, I should be careful not to open them." This is perhaps the saying of a savant, certainly that of an egotist. Another has written: "The truths which one least likes to hear are those which most need to be pointed out." Here then are two thinkers whose views differ widely. I would rather agree with the second, although in practice his outlook presents difficulties. Wise men of all nations teach me that it is not always...
Topic: French
One of those who did not forsake the plough but took up arms in defence of the Russian Revolution, fighting against interventionists, Tsarists, Whites, and Reds, and who linked up with the Makhnovists, survived to tell his story. It is a fascinating account of revolutionary Russia as it really was. This is the second in a series on the history of the now defunct USSR. It will be followed by account of two powerful lies that cost thousands of lives, and others yet to come may include secrets of...
Topics: USSR, Tsar, Russia, Japan, anarchist
There has been a concerted effort by some people to attach Mikhall Bakunin's name to the controversial historical document: Catechism of the Revolutionist (1869). We never believed the "Catechism" to be consistent with Bakunin's anarchist philosophy, and now, with the discovery of Bakunin's letter to Nechayev in the Herzen archives.
Topics: philosophy, anarchism, Bakunin
Building and re-building our sexual selves
Topic: Sexuality
An Analysis of White Supremacy. This pamphlet will briefly discuss the nature of Anarchism and its relevance to the Black Liberation movement. Because there have been so many lies and distortions of what Anarchism really stand for, by both its left-and right-wing ideological opponents, it will be necessary to discuss the many popular myths about it. This in itself deserves a book, but is not the intention of this pamphlet, which is merely to introduce the Black movement to revolutionary...
Topics: Anarchism, Black, African-American, Revolution, White Supremacy, Racism
Personal stories, events, and contacts.
Topics: Queer, sexuality, transgender
Earthships ARE a new approach to sustainable living. Imagine building a house out of discarded tires and aluminum cans. Imagine using environmentally friendly materials and techniques to create a truly self-sufficient home. Imagine interfacing and harnessing nature to create a dwelling that lives with the land, not on top of it.
Topics: environment, building, house, construction, sustainable design
A guide to living off nature's bounty in urban, rural, and wilderness areas. Bringing wild food gathering and roadkill scavenging into our everyday lifestyles.
Topics: vegan, anarchism, foraging, wild food, wild edibles
Why did the leaders of the Europeans who settled in North America try to exterminate the peoples already living there? How was the campaign of genocide against the Indians linked to the expansion of capitalism in the United States? Noted Marxist George Novack answers these questions.
Topics: Indigenous, U.S. History
Iraq and Kuwait: A History Suppressed Deceiving the American People: The Hidden Story of the Gulf War Blood on Their Hands: The Continuing U.S.War in the Middle East The Ongoing War Against the Palestinian People Appeal to Support the Palestinian Hunger Strikers Letter from Palestine The Gulf War One Year Later: Who Are the Real Criminals
Topics: World History, War & Militarism, U.S. History
What is a collective Why form a collective Ways to form collectives How to run a collective Working with other collectives *Special texts included*
Topics: collective, DIY
Gender perspectives and radical takes on gender normative.
Topics: Gender, sexuality
Some thoughts on women's health and sexuality
Topics: Women's Studies, Sexuality, Health
Students for a Democratic Society. Who are students? Food not bombs.
Topics: Socialism, Social Movement Theory, Radical Education
Defying all the theoretical predictions of the 1930s, capitalism has re-stabilized itself with a vengeance and acquired extraordinary flexibility in the decades since World War II. In fact, we have yet to clearly determine what constitutes capitalism in its most "mature" form, not to speak of its social trajectory in the years to come. But what is clear, I would argue, is that capitalism has transformed intself from an economy surrounded by many precapitalist social and political...
Topics: capitalism, consumerism, industrialism
this zine is for those of you with skinny privilege. and this is the last time that i'm gonna point out your privilege/fucking abusiveness for you
Topic: Health
The illustrated guide to pinhole photography.
Topics: DIY, Art
Celebrations of the 2,500th anniversary of the creation of a democratic society in ancient Greece took place in 1991. Dignitaries from the various Western democracies attended ceremonies in Greece. The hypocrisy of these celebrations seem obvious in light of the fact that modern parliamentary and congressional democracy is, in many ways, a violation of the principles of direct democracy that were established in ancient Athens and that are examined here in C.L. R. James' thought provoking essay.
Topics: direct democracy, Greece
* Building an Inexpensive Greenhouse * Make your own Pop Bottle Irrigation System * How to Make and Use a Simple "Sawdust" Toilet * Rainwater Harvesting and Purification System
Topics: agriculture, gardening, composting toilet, rainwater
A guide to building nests for people-desk lofts, swing set bookshelves, floating beds, conversation webs, and other components for liberated living
Topics: DIY, Environment
An anarchist introduction to firearms
( 1 reviews )
Topics: DIY, War & Militarism
The transition from theory to practice is now gaining expression in sections of the farm; subsequent contributions to this article diagram the process. Much of this work is experimental: we have access to considerations developed by ecologists and foresters, orchardists, and farmers but ultimately our Cape Cod landscape will speak to us more clearly than journals and books.
Topics: permaculture, agriculture, environment, edible landscape, animal husbandry
Graphic Novel
Topics: Art, Language Arts & Writing
Graphic novel excerpt from Ken Knabb's book Public Secrets.
Topics: Graphic novel, cartoon, capitalism
Writings and poetry by Anarchist prisoner
Topics: Language Arts & Writing, Poetry, Prison
Stories & Strategies of Survival
Topics: Women's Studies, DIY, Health
Dismantaling Capitalism, food, travelling, art, record and book publishing, building & fixing, abortion
Topics: DIY, Art, Women's Studies, Health, Environment, Language Arts & Writing
Ali Khalid Abdullah is a New Afrikan (Black) Anarchist prisoner, who was convicted in 1989 of "assault with Intent to Rob while Armed." He was sentenced to 10 to 20 years. This came as a result of him and other comrades attempting to enact Peoples Justice against a major drug dealer who allowed one of his drug workers to sexually abuse an 11 year old girl as "payment" for the little girls' mother's drug habit.
Topic: Prison